Tuesday, April 8, 2014

21 day fix Day 2

Upper fix today I felt it more in my abs then anything else. But my arms do have a little shakeu feeling to them! I was tring to do the 3 day quick fix at the begining but I just couldn't handle it yesterday and ended up eating pasta late at night. Not really a big deal because I didn't go crazy but I would have liked to stick to the eating plan. Today I am going to use the regular meal plan. It's a lot of food!!
 What I am going to eat today:

Shakeology 1 R
Mushroom 1 G
Egg 1 R
Canatoloupe 1 P
14 peanuts 1 B
Peanuts 1 O
10 baby carrots 1G
Chili 1Y, 1G, 1/2 R
Apple 1P
Peanut butter 2 teaspoons
Chicken Breast 2 1/2 R
Peas 1Y

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