Friday, January 17, 2014

Weightloss Journey day 26

         I broke my three day no red bull streak nut it is not that big of a deal because I didn't have the bottle of wine that I really wanted to have. Did I need the red bull from an energy stand point? No, that carbonated taste was all that I was craving plus the taste reminds me of smarties. I love smarties. If my Poland springs sparkling water had been in the fridge I wouldn't have drank the red bull. Going to the store today, I have a birthday party this weekend so I want to make sure I am not hungry when I go. So that means my fridge needs to be restocked.
       Today I want to give less excuses for what I put in to my mouth. Just own it. The choice to raise foods/drinks to my lips are my own no matter if I say its from stress. By saying that I'm thinking I give myself the go ahead to continue to use stress as my excuse to do whatever I want to my body. Just started dancing a little bit there. Doing lots of food prep for this next week so it will be a good one!!

Goals For today
-Workout CVX
-No red bull
-Eat haelthy

Thursday, January 16, 2014

To eat treats or not to eat treats

        Leave yourself room in your calories for some chocolate or chips. I have struggled with bingeing for three years now while trying to lose weight. I would completely cut everything from my diet except healthy foods. Within a few days I could be found curled up in a corner surrounded by empty potato chip bags, reeses wrappers, and any other junk food you can name.

        Some people say that if you eat a whole bunch of "crap" at one sitting it makes you feel horrible so that you never want to eat that food again for a very long time. That just doesn't work for me. But after two years of fighting it I let myself use PORTION CONTROL. Now I can have chips with salsa with no guilt or any over indulgence. I eat really healthy now so sweets literally make feel sick. One sugar cookie over the holidays made me feel horrible.

         Bingeing gets better over time eapecially if the need to change is felt deep within you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

P90x3 Day 24 Accelerator

Whew today was a killer!!

Seriously I just rolled over and then let my kids put stickers on me!! 

Yes it did hurt when they pulled them off!! But the kids sure found it funny!!

My Goals for today
-no red bull
-light dinner
-eat healthy

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

P90x3 in oxygen magazine!!

Its funny that this is in here, my mom was in the room when I was working out while tony was picking on Alice.  She asked "who's Alice, you!?" Nope!! I wish though Alice has an amazing work that came from dedication, willpower, and Tony Horton!!

Man, I want that stomach!!

P90x3 Dynamix

Feeling wiped out after my workout so I grabbed half a protein bar to replace some of the energy I lost. Then had a yummy lunch with p90x3 dressing!!

One of the great things about beachbody workouts are that each come with a nutrition guide. These guides are crucial helpful to get your weightloss off to the best start possible. Most of the new programs p90x3, t25, and the ultimate reset are all about clean eating. You don't have to do any of the research on what to eat. It's all at your finger tips. List of the foods you just need to pick put what you like best. If you really want to lose the fat this is the easiest way to do it!!

29 days into my fitness journey

Over the course of three years I've gained 18 pounds then lost 25 pounds and 11 inches off my body. Every week I would struggle with what the scale would tell me. Most of the time it said "You didn't lose any weight after all that hard work you put in ha-ha". But I felt skinner, healthier, and happier but did that matter? Nope not one bit those little numbers on the scale didn't budge so I would lose any control I gained over the week giving up for weeks at a time.


After three years I've finally decided not to let the numbers on the scale define the work that I have put in to change my body. In three an a half weeks I've lost a total of 16 inches off my entire body!! Woot Woot!!