Tuesday, December 24, 2013

How to lose ten pounds in twenty days!! My personal story.

I've been struggling with my weight for two years, after I had my third son I didn't lose the baby weight, unlike my second which 20 pounds dropped off of my body in about a month. When I see the same results I got really depressed. So I gave up, I was around 150 after my third son. I went up to 168 gaining 18 pounds in two years. That slow of a weight gain really crept up on me.  I didn't notice it, the mirror was my enemy.  I only glanced at pictures of myself. I was completely zoned out on my body. All of a sudden I started to really look at pictures of me. My body in the mirror was something really hated. Who was that person because it couldn't be me. This was about a year ago that is when I started crazy dieting I tried Smart ones, I did Slim fast. I tried weight watchers the Ducan diet. Sadly I even tried weight-loss pills I took one pill, my heart was racing I was sweaty then never took another one and will never take another I don't recommend them at all!! I was cutting my calories to 900 calories working out for 60 minutes on the elliptical Doing this for a year and I only lost 13 pounds. this is because I thought since I was restricting my calories so much and working out so long that I should be dropping pounds like crazy. But I didn't week after week I would get on the scale barely lose anyway weight at all or half a pound. The scale would make me just give up I would eat whatever I wanted I would drink a whole bottle of wine by myself, eat chips, and eat pizza in excess. So I finally have gotten serious about my weight in the last month or so I want to be confident in my body when I go to the beach. I got turbo jam which I've been doing for 20 days straight logging on my calories on MyFitnessPal, trying to be 100% truthful I haven't been 100% but I was 153 and went down to 143 in 20 days I lost half an inch an a half of my thighs, waist, and arms.

In the picture on the right was this summer same shirt same pants I was wearing spanks in July, pants and a shirt to cover up my body. This is a 10 pound weight loss and I can tell that my stomach is all a lot slimmer I have less fat on my face and generally feel a lot healthier and that's all thanks to turbo jam. Plus no spanks!!

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Monday, December 23, 2013

P90x3 is here!!

I was so excited to get p90x3!! It arrived this Saturday!! I started this Monday, I did think about putting it off but then I thought why would I want to be a week behind, I don't!!


You get a free hat if you order from a coach I will put my link below if you want to order from me. I just got done doing the accelerator DVD today it is part of the     
Lean program which is the one that I am doing. There is also a classic, mass, if you want to build muscle, and doubles. I have 40 pounds lose I know I can do it in 90 days.

It was intense I really had a great sweat going on. My arms where shaking doing planks my legs where shaking but I felt amazing afterwards. 

My husband and I have a contest to see who changes the most during 90 days. He's not starting till after January 1 because of all the goodies on Christmas but I'm starting a week earlier than him. I'm going to win. Whoever wins gets the P90X three hat I think I deserve it!!



Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweets & Meats - Eating better during the holidays

          Did you know that the average person gains five to ten pounds during the holidays? But is there such a thing as eating better during the holidays? Yes, I think there is. Most of the time when you go to a holiday party they have sweets and meats. But you don't have to go all out on the sweets.

           Its not about what you eat its about how much you eat of it. You can enjoy food without guilt you just need to fit it into you new healthy lifestyle. When you hit your goal weight it will be easier to say yes to treats but not feel so guilty about it. Right now if you don't have the prefect body your mind is telling you every extra calorie you consume will hinder your waist line. That's just not true, I believe guilt is a huge factor in why people fail to lose weight.

           Once you get a routine in finally getting will power to eat decent and within calorie range then boom you gobble down a whole bowl of ice cream on movie. Our mind tells us that we have ruined weeks of hard work but that one meal won't make you fat. If you have eaten good all day you have probably just hit your allotted amount of calories where you won't lose or gain any weight.

My tips for keeping off the holiday bulge.

One - bring a salad

If you are not just attending a baked goodies type of party BRING A SALAD, with salad dressing if you have too. Fill your plate up halfway with salad then pick ANYTHING else that you want to put on your plate. Seriously but be real with me here don't be stacking your plate up as high as it can go. Every food needs to touch the bottom of the plate. Not a fan of salad their are many great vegetable Check out some Vegatable casseroles from clean eating magazine The spinach casserole would be good for two servings at 150 calories each but the squash one is heavy at 350 calories so you still need to be mindful of what you eat. I know you can do it!!

Two - glass of water

After your one plate of food I bet your going to be stuffed, but to keep you from reaching for more you need to keep a glass of water in your hands. Sipping from it all night. Talk. getting  social with guest will keep food out of your mouth.

Three - Plan ahead

If you are going to be at a baked goodies party you need to bring something with you that is lower in calories You could try my Clean eating  banana bread recipe.

Four - The pusher's

There is always that one person who loves the holidays just for the baking. They are going to try stuffing everything they made right into your mouth.  Saying things like "That looks great but I already had a plate and I'm stuffed." will be your best beat. Start off with a compliment, looks or smells great, you'll be ahead of the game.


Healthy baking alternatives Plus Healthy Banana bread recipe - Clean baking

 You can still have your sweets and treats and they can be good for you, just add a little or all or these switches to make the most of your healthy baking.

Flour 1 cup
  • 1 cup white or black beans
  • 1 cup nut flour
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour
Sugar 1 cup
  • 1 cup apple sauce
  • 1/2 cup honey
  • 3/4 cup maple syrup
Fats 1 cup
  • 1 cup avacodo
  • 3/4 cup banana
  • 1 cup greek yogurt

Healthy Banana Bread recipe

Prep 5 mintues Bake 1 hour

2 Bananas smashed ripe
1/4 cup honey
1/3 greek or vanlla yogurt
1 egg white beaten
1 tablespoon butter
1 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 cups white wheat flour*

Optional 1/2 cup dark chocolate chips or carob chips, 1/2 cup any nuts you enjoy walnuts, peanuts ect.

Preheat oven to 350 F (170 C)
Place greek yogurt into a large bowl with bananas and mix. Mix in apple sauce, egg whites, and vanilla. Add baking soda, salt, flour and mix. Pour into 4x8 inch pan. You can either butter the pan or wet it with water then coat the entire pan with a layer of wheat four either way the bread should slide right out.

Cut into 1/2inch pieces only 90 calories a piece.

*I use king aurthers white wheat flour

This makes a great snack to throw in with kids lunches!!


Thursday, December 19, 2013

One workout will change your mood.

    One workout will change your mood,  today th  at statement couldn't be more true for me. If you ave every gone into a store with a perfectly sane two year old that turned into a monster the second their tush hit the cart, you will know what I am talking about.
    What I would usually do in this situation is run from the store to stop at the first fast food  restaurant I saw. There I'd grab something sweet because I know that that chocolate donut is going to  send happy quivering feelings all through my body. But did I do that today, no, would I have done that a month ago, most defiantly. With working out and realize that my goals can become possible but only if I stick with the process.
     I am going to have a chocolate donut again or enjoy a bowl of ice cream, Oh yeah. but the difference in it is that I want to be able to ENJOY that donut or bowl of ice cream.Right now If I have a treat I add it in to my calories and it fits in my macros it's a complatet guilt free treat. I don't want to eat that donut to make me happy or get me unstressed.  That is what I use my workouts for they do make me happy everyday that I wake up and workout in the morning is a better day. I'm a happier wife, mother, and friend.

      I'm off to get happy, lower body jam form turbo jam, Make good food choices today but most of all MOVE YOUR BOSY!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chicken stew with drop dumplings recipe

Clean eating doesn't have to be expensive you can make really simple meals that can have last you all week for lunch if you are a cooking for one. This is my recipe for chicken stew with whole wheat dumplings.

2 cups homemade chicken stock (Optional)
2 cups chicken stock, 4 cups if you don't make homemade stock
10 ounces chicken
1 tablespoon Italian seasoning
Half  bag baby carrots (16oz)
5 celery stalks
Half red onion, sliced
1/2 cup per-sliced white button mushrooms

                                                             I used a leftover baked.

Take meat all off the bones place in crockpot.  Put carrots in whole, slice the red onion, rough chop celery, and per-slice mushrooms in the crockpot with chicken, cover with chicken stock turn on low cook over night or store in the refrigerator till morning, then cook.
       Then you can make homemade chicken stock with the bones. Throw the skin away then place chicken bones in a pot, on the stove, cover with water, water should just be covering the bones. Put the pot on high heat till boiling. Simmer for 1 to two hours. Add this to a crockpot on low overnight.

    I started this at three on a Monday I ate it at one for lunch on a Tuesday. Both the chicken stock and chicken where both left over from other meals. talk about budget cooking!!

Calories for soup total 489
5 bowls would 98 per serving

Drop Dumplings

3/4 cup 100% White Whole Wheat flour
1 Large egg white beaten
1/2 cup whole milk
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Mix flour, soda, and salt together then add milk. Drop by the spoonful in soup. Cover for 20 minutes for dumpling to cook.

Makes five dumplings Calories per dumpling 84

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The waiting game!! Turbo jam schedule.

Even though I'm waiting for my p90x3 and vanilla shakeology to show up yaya!! I am still doing my turbo jam. I only do the videos that are 30 minutes or less over thirty minutes and I get to bored!! 3T Tuesday.

Here is my three week turbo jam schedule that I do. Repeat after week 3.

Week 1

Day 1 - Cardio party remix
Day 2 - 3T
Day 3 - 20 minute work out
Day 4 - Lower body jam
Day 5 - Ab jam
Day 6 - Fat blaster
Day 7 - Rest day - light walk, some activity

Week 2

Day 1 - Ab jam
Day 2 - 20 minute work out
Day 3 - Fat blaster
Day 4 - 3T
Day 5 - Cardio party remix
Day 6 - lower body jam
Day 7 - Rest day - light walk, some activity

Week 3

Day 1 - 3T
Day 2 - Cardio party remix
Day 3 - Ab jam
Day 4 - Fat blaster
Day 5 - 20 minute work out
Day 6 - Lower body jam
Day 7 - Rest day - light walk, some activity

If you don't have one of these dvds' contact me and I can tell you which one you can use instead.

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