Friday, December 20, 2013

Sweets & Meats - Eating better during the holidays

          Did you know that the average person gains five to ten pounds during the holidays? But is there such a thing as eating better during the holidays? Yes, I think there is. Most of the time when you go to a holiday party they have sweets and meats. But you don't have to go all out on the sweets.

           Its not about what you eat its about how much you eat of it. You can enjoy food without guilt you just need to fit it into you new healthy lifestyle. When you hit your goal weight it will be easier to say yes to treats but not feel so guilty about it. Right now if you don't have the prefect body your mind is telling you every extra calorie you consume will hinder your waist line. That's just not true, I believe guilt is a huge factor in why people fail to lose weight.

           Once you get a routine in finally getting will power to eat decent and within calorie range then boom you gobble down a whole bowl of ice cream on movie. Our mind tells us that we have ruined weeks of hard work but that one meal won't make you fat. If you have eaten good all day you have probably just hit your allotted amount of calories where you won't lose or gain any weight.

My tips for keeping off the holiday bulge.

One - bring a salad

If you are not just attending a baked goodies type of party BRING A SALAD, with salad dressing if you have too. Fill your plate up halfway with salad then pick ANYTHING else that you want to put on your plate. Seriously but be real with me here don't be stacking your plate up as high as it can go. Every food needs to touch the bottom of the plate. Not a fan of salad their are many great vegetable Check out some Vegatable casseroles from clean eating magazine The spinach casserole would be good for two servings at 150 calories each but the squash one is heavy at 350 calories so you still need to be mindful of what you eat. I know you can do it!!

Two - glass of water

After your one plate of food I bet your going to be stuffed, but to keep you from reaching for more you need to keep a glass of water in your hands. Sipping from it all night. Talk. getting  social with guest will keep food out of your mouth.

Three - Plan ahead

If you are going to be at a baked goodies party you need to bring something with you that is lower in calories You could try my Clean eating  banana bread recipe.

Four - The pusher's

There is always that one person who loves the holidays just for the baking. They are going to try stuffing everything they made right into your mouth.  Saying things like "That looks great but I already had a plate and I'm stuffed." will be your best beat. Start off with a compliment, looks or smells great, you'll be ahead of the game.


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