Thursday, December 19, 2013

One workout will change your mood.

    One workout will change your mood,  today th  at statement couldn't be more true for me. If you ave every gone into a store with a perfectly sane two year old that turned into a monster the second their tush hit the cart, you will know what I am talking about.
    What I would usually do in this situation is run from the store to stop at the first fast food  restaurant I saw. There I'd grab something sweet because I know that that chocolate donut is going to  send happy quivering feelings all through my body. But did I do that today, no, would I have done that a month ago, most defiantly. With working out and realize that my goals can become possible but only if I stick with the process.
     I am going to have a chocolate donut again or enjoy a bowl of ice cream, Oh yeah. but the difference in it is that I want to be able to ENJOY that donut or bowl of ice cream.Right now If I have a treat I add it in to my calories and it fits in my macros it's a complatet guilt free treat. I don't want to eat that donut to make me happy or get me unstressed.  That is what I use my workouts for they do make me happy everyday that I wake up and workout in the morning is a better day. I'm a happier wife, mother, and friend.

      I'm off to get happy, lower body jam form turbo jam, Make good food choices today but most of all MOVE YOUR BOSY!!

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