Friday, January 17, 2014

Weightloss Journey day 26

         I broke my three day no red bull streak nut it is not that big of a deal because I didn't have the bottle of wine that I really wanted to have. Did I need the red bull from an energy stand point? No, that carbonated taste was all that I was craving plus the taste reminds me of smarties. I love smarties. If my Poland springs sparkling water had been in the fridge I wouldn't have drank the red bull. Going to the store today, I have a birthday party this weekend so I want to make sure I am not hungry when I go. So that means my fridge needs to be restocked.
       Today I want to give less excuses for what I put in to my mouth. Just own it. The choice to raise foods/drinks to my lips are my own no matter if I say its from stress. By saying that I'm thinking I give myself the go ahead to continue to use stress as my excuse to do whatever I want to my body. Just started dancing a little bit there. Doing lots of food prep for this next week so it will be a good one!!

Goals For today
-Workout CVX
-No red bull
-Eat haelthy

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