Thursday, January 16, 2014

To eat treats or not to eat treats

        Leave yourself room in your calories for some chocolate or chips. I have struggled with bingeing for three years now while trying to lose weight. I would completely cut everything from my diet except healthy foods. Within a few days I could be found curled up in a corner surrounded by empty potato chip bags, reeses wrappers, and any other junk food you can name.

        Some people say that if you eat a whole bunch of "crap" at one sitting it makes you feel horrible so that you never want to eat that food again for a very long time. That just doesn't work for me. But after two years of fighting it I let myself use PORTION CONTROL. Now I can have chips with salsa with no guilt or any over indulgence. I eat really healthy now so sweets literally make feel sick. One sugar cookie over the holidays made me feel horrible.

         Bingeing gets better over time eapecially if the need to change is felt deep within you.

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